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Benefits of Business E-Listing

There are lots of reasons why small and medium sized businesses should consider getting their businesses listed in a range of online directories. Whatever your market niche, here are some of the main benefits of getting into some online business directories and listing sites.

It usually costs nothing to get your business a basic listing on directory sites. A basic listing will usually include your business name, market sector and contact details such as your phone number, address and website. If you want to pay extra to include more information or be in a more prominent position on the website you can, but you don’t have to.

Web Search Traffic
We’re all shopping more online and researching local companies to provide a service over the internet too. If you’re not on a list of local cake makers or a national directory of+ landscape gardeners, you could be missing out on a huge volume of potential new customers who have ditched the paper directories for something more modern.

Get Ahead of the Competition
If you’re in an industry where businesses have been slow to adopt the idea of online marketing, getting your name and profile listed in business directories can help you get one step ahead of the competition. It gives your business the image of the leader and of a company which has embraced new technology rather than being frightened of it.

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is all about getting your website listed as high as possible on a Google search page. There is a wide range of different ways of achieving this, and a combination of techniques will be most effective. However, one of the easiest ways of boosting your rankings is getting your website listed in some of the better known online business directories.

Go Local
As well as advertising your business to a worldwide audience, most business directories are structured to allow users to filter and refine their searches. This gives you the opportunity to have high visibility in your local town, or even suburb or district within a larger city. Linking to your profile on business directories when posting on social media or on your business website can also add local appeal.

Customise the Listing
Usually when taking a listing on a business directory there will be some details which you have to include such as your web address or phone number. There’s usually also the flexibility to include a couple of lines of text explaining what your business is all about. This is your opportunity to sell your business to the people who are directly in the market for your services.

Many business directories, especially in trades and professional services, allow users to leave reviews about people who have worked for them. If you do a good job and can get your customers to leave genuine, positive reviews about your business, then this will push you further up the business listings, build your brand image and in return should bring even more customers to your website.